??????????Thank you for your interest in hiring me to speak at your event!

Your time is valuable.  To the people that you serve, their time is valuable as well.  I recognize this and my goal is to make your job as seamless and stress-free as possible. I do that by following two basic principles:

  •  I want to serve your GROUP.
    • Every audience has its own dynamic. My goal is to maximize value for each audience member. I do this by bringing energy, passion, enthusiasm, humor, and sensitivity to every situation.
    • Based on information that you provide, I will customize each presentation to touch, encourage and motivate your attendees. I have worked with high school and college students, teachers, parents, homeschool groups, and other organizations.
  •  I want to serve YOU.
    • I make it easy for you to contact me, and scheduling is a snap.
    • I want you to enjoy a stress-free experience. I will do my part to make sure that your event is a huge success.
    • I want to be the easiest speaker with whom you have ever worked.




“I invited Jon to give the Robin Hass-Birky Memorial Lecture at my organization’s annual conference for adjunct faculty and lecturers because I knew he felt passionate about helping his colleagues achieve the careers they hope for. Jon’s presentation was as memorable as I hoped. What I appreciated most was that he got people thinking about who made a difference for them and how to make a difference for our colleagues and students—he honored the occasion.”
Michael Morrone, Director, Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching, Indiana University

“I have been attending and presenting at conferences for over a decade.  I teach Communication classes, including Public Speaking.  Jon Becker is one of the top 3 keynote speakers I have seen.  His ability to connect with faculty at all levels is unparalleled.  He reels you in with his story, often taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride along with him.  His use of humor, his dynamic speaking ability, and his approachability after his presentations all make Jon not only a welcome addition to any conference, but a class act as well.” 
Mike Polites, Department of Communications, IUPUI

“Jon Becker opens his life to us, warts and all, and reflects upon the choices, lessons and hard-won knowledge that made him a better teacher. Through compelling storytelling, humor and keen observations he shares that gift with us. Do yourself a favor and listen.”         C. Tom Long, Department of Communications, Indiana University Northwest

“Real, relevant and refreshing. Jon’s story provides perspective and encouragement for those of us in the trenches.”
Jon Bingham, FALCON Conference Chair, Indiana University Southeast


“Jon is one of Indiana University Northwest’s finest teachers.”
Dr. Charles Gallmeier, Chancellor’s Professor of Sociology, Indiana University Northwest


Pegram-Scooter“I have long looked up to Professor Becker as a mentor regarding his inspiring and engaging classroom teaching.”
Dr. Scooter Pegram, Department of Modern Languages, Indiana University Northwest

morgan-robin “Jon’s willingness to share his own expertise and work with others to improve their teaching has been a great benefit to IU.”
Dr. Robin Morgan, Director, Institute for Learning and Teaching Excellence, Indiana University Southeast


“Jon has an array of accomplishments that herald his success at teaching and pedagogy. While several awards depend on actual teaching performance and impact on students, he has a wide variety of reinforcing activities, including publications, presentations, and some roles that administratively addressed improving student success. So Jon has demonstrated excellence in the broadest interpretation of distinguished teaching.”
Dr. David Malik, Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Indiana University Northwest

“It was great to hear someone talk about education and not feel like he had to use the words data or standardized tests.  He showed us that working with and motivating young people can be the most important thing.  We all know the importance of data, but its good to learn new ways that we can motivate our students to want to learn.”
Rick Defries, Principal, Winamac High School, Winamac, Indiana

“What impressed me most was Jon’s empathetic view from a myriad of perspectives (student, teacher, administrator, and parent). Jon’s eclectic personal experiences coupled with his anecdotal stories gave validity to his reputation as a motivational speaker!  Jon’s words resonated with me on a personal level.”
Don Darda, Social Studies Teacher, Winamac High School, Winamac, Indiana

“10 years ago on the eve of a new year, I was working on my annual action plan detailing my course goals for the upcoming year; I became entranced in retrospection, “how did I get here?” I thought. So many decisions and people came to mind. Atop a short list was Jon Becker. I became so overwhelmed with gratitude that I looked him up and called his home at an inappropriate hour to tell him thank you and that I loved him. Mr. Becker, you are the greatest teacher, mentor and friend anyone could have.”
Raymond Baxter, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“Jon Becker is the reason I love finance as a licensed stockbroker. He made me unafraid of math, and when I taught my own students, I simply shared his legacy. He planted seeds that were cultivated into captains of industry, engineers, doctors, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs… Thank you for seeing beyond color and seeing the dormant greatness (at Emerson).”
Sherecka Moore-Cooper, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“Mr. Becker, I just want to say that the time I spent in your class, the standard that you not only taught, but exhibited, and the consistency you displayed were not in vain. I will never forget a time I was unnecessarily disruptive and you called my mom. I walked home that day in fear for my life (lol); however, I recall thinking that you had been patient with me and given me many chances before ever calling her. Thank you for the time I had as your student…”
Monte Dillard, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“I honestly believed that my old teachers were rooting for me and I didn’t want to let them down! Thank GOD for Emerson and awesome teachers such as Mr. Becker.”
Evette Cooper, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“Earlier this year my family faced issues with our current education system…who did I inbox??? Mr. Becker, who gave me perspectives from an educational professional on how to advocate on my child’s behalf. Ultimately, my family was successful and the school system has made positive strides toward change. I’m thankful for the relationship that started at Emerson…and pray that all children find at least one person who believes in their abilities! Thanks Mr.B!”
La’Lakesha Holmes-Allen, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“MR. BECKER!!! You were my absolute favorite teacher!! Math was always my weakest subject but because of your creativeness…I actually enjoyed Math!”
Chareice Leslie, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“I remember exactly where I sat in your class in 1994-1995. I remember most of the people who’ve commented on this blog. I remember you as one of the Most beloved teachers among all of my peers, and with good reason. What you taught was beyond mathematics, & to this day we thank you for it.”
Carl Boozer, Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana

“Mr. Becker you, along with many other teachers of Emerson, saved our lives! I was terrible at math and to be honest, I still struggle. I am proud that we are doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, accountants, teachers, principals, managers, leaders, mothers, fathers, ministers, musicians, dancers, artists…and we owe it all to YOU! I have manage to retain enough math to calculate meds and NOT kill my patients.”
Mai-Lin Cooper-Rollins,Former Student at Emerson VPA High School, Gary, Indiana