What I’m Thankful for This Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving…It’s just about my favorite holiday. I think everyone should find something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving…unless you’re a turkey. Thanksgiving might not be as fun for you if you’re a turkey. But I digress… I have so much for which to be thankful… I drive an 11-year old car with 200,000 […]

When Servanthood Collides With Reality

I had a reality check today. Actually, it was more like a reality “slap upside the head.” I took my dad to the grocery store. This is something that I do every week. Dad doesn’t drive any longer, and living on a fixed income means that he shops weekly, buying smaller amounts and watching the […]

Are You a Starter or a Closer?

In the late 1970’s, the Oakland A’s had a pitcher named Rick Langford. Rick Langford was a starter. This is not about Rick Langford. In the early 1970’s, the Los Angeles Dodgers had a pitcher named Mike Marshall. Mike Marshall was a closer. This is not about Mike Marshall. This is not even about baseball. […]

Why Saying No is Critical to Your Success

I said no to someone today…and I feel pretty good… I’m not good at saying no. So this was kind of a big deal for me. I said no to a request for a letter of peer review. This means that I observe another faculty member’s class, taking note of their teaching style, their interactions […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Push Through

You know what I hate? I hate exercise. I hate to sweat. I hate to ache. I hate to be out of breath. I HATE exercise… You know what else I hate? I hate to be nonproductive… I hate sitting at my computer and playing video games because I don’t feel like working…I hate sitting […]

“Wealth” Management

What if your bank deposited $86,400 into your savings account every day? You would become rich very quickly…Unless… What if there was a catch? What if, at the end of each day, they withdrew any balance that remained in the account? What would you do? Well, if you’re like me, you would probably go to […]

What Do Our Actions Teach Our Children?

In the classic film, A League of Their Own, Manager Jimmy Dugan, a washed up, alcoholic, former major leaguer, is hired to manage a traveling women’s baseball team during World War Two. At the height of the movie, Dugan, played by Oscar-winner Tom Hanks, explodes on his right fielder for making a bad throw. She […]