[Book Review]: “H3 Leadership” by Brad Lomenick

Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle

Seventeen years ago, my friend Judy handed me John Maxwell’s classic book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” As a fledgling leader eager to grow and learn, this was like pouring cold, refreshing water on a thirsty plant. I devoured the book in a day and have referred back to it countless times in my quest to […]

What Makes a Good Man Become Great?

A Tribute to My Father

My father was a great man… Last year, I wrote a blog about how frustrated I would get with my dad when I took him grocery shopping. His seemingly obsessive need to go to multiple stores just so that he could save a few pennies here and there on milk, bottled water, and other necessities […]

A Modern Day Easter Parable

Each year as the store shelves switch from chocolate hearts to chocolate bunnies, we prepare for Easter. For some, that means baskets of candy and the Easter Bunny. For others, it means a deeper reflection on the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all mankind on the cross 2,000 years ago. As a follower of […]

[Book Review]: “The Book of Man” by William J. Bennett

Portioned out into six categories, “The Book of Man” is a terrific book to share with males from 7 to 107, as it shares stories, quotes, examples, and poetry from nearly every area of a man’s life: Man in War Man at Work Man in Play, Competition, and Leisure Man in the Polis Man with […]

[Book Review]: The Matheny Manifesto by Mike Matheny

As a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, I will never…EVER find myself in a position to root for the arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals…but as a youth softball coach, I have just found a reason to root for the Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny… Matheny has written a brilliant new book, “The Matheny Manifesto,” and I read it […]

Three Significant Questions to Ask Your Significant Other this Valentine’s Day!

I have a wonderful wife…I’m sure that many of you also have fantastic people in your lives that bring you joy and happiness. What better way to slow down the pace of our lives than to spend time with those who make us happy? Now I know that there are those who are reading this […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Giving Up on Your Goals

Setting out to become the first man to cross the Antarctic continent on foot, Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail from England in 1914. He came within one day’s sail of reaching his destination when his ship, the Endurance became stuck in pack ice just as the Antarctic winter set in. Shackleton and his crew were […]

Why Saying No is Critical to Your Success

I said no to someone today…and I feel pretty good… I’m not good at saying no. So this was kind of a big deal for me. I said no to a request for a letter of peer review. This means that I observe another faculty member’s class, taking note of their teaching style, their interactions […]

What Do Our Actions Teach Our Children?

In the classic film, A League of Their Own, Manager Jimmy Dugan, a washed up, alcoholic, former major leaguer, is hired to manage a traveling women’s baseball team during World War Two. At the height of the movie, Dugan, played by Oscar-winner Tom Hanks, explodes on his right fielder for making a bad throw. She […]