Five “P’s” That WILL Aid Your Collegiate Success

...and Help You Get Along With Your Professors

As the end of summer approaches, the beginning of a new school year approaches. Incoming college freshmen will attend their New Student Orientation sessions with a mixture of excitement, fear, trepidation, and a myriad of questions: Will I make new friends? Will my new classes be hard? What should I major in? What do my […]

You Don’t Have Time NOT to Read!

Four Ways to Add Reading to Your Very Busy Schedule

Like many busy professionals, I often make the excuse that I am “too busy” to take on any additional tasks requested of me. So in 2015, when I set a personal goal to read just twenty books during the calendar year, I thought it was too lofty a goal to accomplish, given my “busy” schedule. I […]

[Book Review]: “The Art of Work” by Jeff Goins

In his newest (and easily his best) book yet, Jeff Goins compellingly makes the case for how to discover your calling-the purpose for which you were made. This book reads as a series of inspiring case studies that focus on the ways that a variety of people moved from their job to their vocation-their calling. […]

Does Your Conversation Make You Look Less Intelligent?

Recently, one of my students (let’s call her Samantha) came to my office to talk to me about career options. Much to her surprise, she was doing well in my math class and found herself enjoying the subject more than she ever had before. She started asking me questions about careers in mathematics, what future […]

It’s Quiet…Very Quiet. Too Quiet?

Nope! The family has gone out of town for the weekend to visit my daughter in Cincinnati. An unfortunately timed bout with “digestive distress” has left me at home by myself. But fret not for me. My daughter was home last weekend, so I did see her very recently. And the peaceful silence I am […]

[Book Review]: “Whatever the Cost” by David and Jason Benham

As a man, I am driven to pursue my dreams, refusing to let them die, and fighting for them until they slip beyond my grasp with no hope of being recaptured. To willingly let go of a dream that is still attainable because God is leading me in another direction is so difficult, and it […]

[Book Review]: “The Book of Man” by William J. Bennett

Portioned out into six categories, “The Book of Man” is a terrific book to share with males from 7 to 107, as it shares stories, quotes, examples, and poetry from nearly every area of a man’s life: Man in War Man at Work Man in Play, Competition, and Leisure Man in the Polis Man with […]

Four Tips to Lose Your “Grumpy” and Regain Your Efficiency

“How you start your day is often how the rest of your day will go. Let’s start productive.”-Jonathan Milligan I haven’t been very productive for the last few days…my lack of productivity has been a source of grumpiness for me, and, as a result, I have slid into a small downward spiral away from all […]

[Book Review]: The Matheny Manifesto by Mike Matheny

As a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, I will never…EVER find myself in a position to root for the arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals…but as a youth softball coach, I have just found a reason to root for the Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny… Matheny has written a brilliant new book, “The Matheny Manifesto,” and I read it […]

“Zero” Steps to Improved Productivity at Home and at Work

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, 85 percent of the world is connected via e-mail. A companion article at indicates that 144.8 BILLION e-mails are sent worldwide every day. How do they ALL seem to end up in my e-mail inbox?!?!? Have you ever had that experience where you can’t find […]