When the Wise Pursue Foolishness

A Fable About How a Wise Man Regained His Wisdom

…in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a man named Noway. Noway was a well-respected man in the kingdom. While not wealthy, he had many friends who often asked for his wisdom and teaching in various aspects of their lives. Noway and his wife had many children, all of whom adored their father and […]

[Book Review]: “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” by Doris Kearns Goodwin

When I set a goal to read 20 books this year, I did not expect to complete book #20 by the end of March. My wife told me that she thinks I have become a bit compulsive in my reading. I think she is probably right. As I sit with a book and multicolored highlighters—making […]

[Book Review]: “Whatever the Cost” by David and Jason Benham

As a man, I am driven to pursue my dreams, refusing to let them die, and fighting for them until they slip beyond my grasp with no hope of being recaptured. To willingly let go of a dream that is still attainable because God is leading me in another direction is so difficult, and it […]

[Book Review]: “The Book of Man” by William J. Bennett

Portioned out into six categories, “The Book of Man” is a terrific book to share with males from 7 to 107, as it shares stories, quotes, examples, and poetry from nearly every area of a man’s life: Man in War Man at Work Man in Play, Competition, and Leisure Man in the Polis Man with […]

Grieve Not for Thomas…

This week, a couple at our church experienced the most devastating and painful of tragedies that any parent can imagine-the death of their son, “Thomas” (not his real name). His death at the age of 26 was sudden and unexpected, but it was not completely surprising. You see, Thomas had struggled with drug addiction for […]

[Book Review]: The Matheny Manifesto by Mike Matheny

As a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, I will never…EVER find myself in a position to root for the arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals…but as a youth softball coach, I have just found a reason to root for the Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny… Matheny has written a brilliant new book, “The Matheny Manifesto,” and I read it […]

My 5-Point Mission Statement for 2015

If you’re like me, you have sometimes drifted through life, uncertain where you are going or what you want to do next. Even if you are a focused person, it is good to step back and refocus periodically to make sure that you are purposefully living life in your intended direction. A clearly developed mission […]

Three Things to Remember When Dealing with Pride

The struggle with pride has been a battle that I have fought with limited success for my entire life. As a man, it seems that pride is an inherent part of my personality-a trait that is built into my DNA. In even the most humble men I know, I still sense a low level of […]

How to Turn Your Biggest Parenting Failure Into Success

Leadership is a tricky concept to fully grasp. As I grow and learn more about being an effective leader, many of the preconceived societal notions of leadership are stripped away. Gone is the idea that a leader must wield power unilaterally, making all decisions and steering the direction of all that he “controls.” Solo leadership […]

Lessons I Learned From My Students

For eight years, I had the privilege of teaching math at Emerson High School, a Performing Arts Academy in Gary, Indiana. A magnet school, students from throughout the city had to audition and be accepted in a particular area of Performing or Fine Arts in order to attend Emerson. Despite the fact that Emerson was […]