Getting Back on Track

What Do You Do When Your Life is Derailed?

Early one Saturday morning when I was nine years old, I experienced the adventurous exhilaration of watching a train as it derailed in front of my house. Something sounded slightly amiss as the familiar rumble of the train grew closer and louder, so I pulled back the curtains to watch it pass. As I did, […]

When the Wise Pursue Foolishness

A Fable About How a Wise Man Regained His Wisdom

…in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a man named Noway. Noway was a well-respected man in the kingdom. While not wealthy, he had many friends who often asked for his wisdom and teaching in various aspects of their lives. Noway and his wife had many children, all of whom adored their father and […]

What Makes a Good Man Become Great?

A Tribute to My Father

My father was a great man… Last year, I wrote a blog about how frustrated I would get with my dad when I took him grocery shopping. His seemingly obsessive need to go to multiple stores just so that he could save a few pennies here and there on milk, bottled water, and other necessities […]

A Modern Day Easter Parable

Each year as the store shelves switch from chocolate hearts to chocolate bunnies, we prepare for Easter. For some, that means baskets of candy and the Easter Bunny. For others, it means a deeper reflection on the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for all mankind on the cross 2,000 years ago. As a follower of […]

Today is my 7th Anniversary… and my Youngest Child is 9…HMMMMMMM

Did the headline get you to read this? I hope so! Seven years ago today, March 26, 2008, I had my last bite of dessert—my last slice of pie, my last piece of cake, my last box of cookies, my last bowl of ice cream…to be honest, I don’t remember exactly what it was. But […]

It’s Quiet…Very Quiet. Too Quiet?

Nope! The family has gone out of town for the weekend to visit my daughter in Cincinnati. An unfortunately timed bout with “digestive distress” has left me at home by myself. But fret not for me. My daughter was home last weekend, so I did see her very recently. And the peaceful silence I am […]

[Book Review]: “The Book of Man” by William J. Bennett

Portioned out into six categories, “The Book of Man” is a terrific book to share with males from 7 to 107, as it shares stories, quotes, examples, and poetry from nearly every area of a man’s life: Man in War Man at Work Man in Play, Competition, and Leisure Man in the Polis Man with […]

[Book Review]: “Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life” by Michele Cushatt

Contrary to popular belief, the life of a Christ-follower is anything but easy. In addition to the normal ebb and flow of life, we are often challenged by those who do not share our faith that God cannot possibly exist in a world that is filled with so much suffering. In “Undone: A Story of […]

Three Significant Questions to Ask Your Significant Other this Valentine’s Day!

I have a wonderful wife…I’m sure that many of you also have fantastic people in your lives that bring you joy and happiness. What better way to slow down the pace of our lives than to spend time with those who make us happy? Now I know that there are those who are reading this […]

One Group of People You MUST Have in Your Life to Increase Your Potential for Success

Loneliness is a hard road to travel. We were never intended to walk through life alone. Even those of us who are introverts by nature have a very real need for people in our life to hold us accountable, offer us advice, tell us when we are wrong, and celebrate with us when we achieve […]