High School Faculty and Staff

DSC_0214Jon knows what it means to experience academic failure. After an unremarkable high school career, pressure from parents and friends led him to reluctantly enroll in college. After three semesters, he was “invited” to leave Indiana University and take his poor grades with him…in other words, he was academically expelled.

After wasting nearly two years delivering pizzas and playing video games, an ultimatum and a second chance brought him back to college. Recalling the words of wisdom imparted to him by his high school guidance teacher, (and recognizing that this was his last chance), Jon single-mindedly pursued a degree in education, determined to help high school students through the same struggles that he had experienced in his own high school and early college career.

Jon interweaves his personal story of academic failure (and eventual success) with his own experiences as a high school math teacher in an inner city high school in Gary, Indiana. Poignant, moving, and often hilariously funny, Jon’s presentation offers motivation, inspiration, and practical applications that will re-energize your high school faculty and staff.


Slow Down and Listen: Who Do You Hear? (60-90 minutes)
(This session can be conducted as a breakout session or expanded to a keynote.)

We live in a noisy world. Everyone is clamoring for our attention. According to the EPA, the average American Household owns an average of 23 electronic devices. Whether it’s a cell phone, iPad, laptop, iPod, big screen TV, or even just the urgency in our mind, society wants our attention…and they want it now. In this session, Jon takes a look at how internal and external demands that eat away at our time can be overcome by examining the people of influence in our lives and discerning who truly has our best interests at heart.

Failure: Your First Key to Success (60-90 minutes)
(This session can be conducted as a breakout session or expanded to a keynote.)

Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, and hundreds of other leaders have reached the pinnacle of success after experiencing the depths of extreme failure, yet the mantra of society is that failure is not acceptable. In this session, Jon examines the failures and subsequent successes of great leaders as motivation and inspiration for instructors to push through failure to achieve the success that they desire.

TED Education: The Nitty-Gritty of TED© Talks (60-75 minutes)
Amidst the chaos of planning and delivering an effective learning experience, we often find ourselves struggling to remain motivated and energized. Why do we teach? What must we do to reach an ever changing population of students?
In this session, Jon discusses TED© talks:

• What are TED© talks?
• How can we use them to enrich our personal lives?
• How can they help us to develop professionally as teachers?