Homeschool Groups

Since 1994, Jon and his wife Kate have homeschooled their eight children from Kindergarten through high school. His oldest daughter graduated with honors from Indiana University, and his oldest son graduated with honors from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Prior to a career in Higher Education, Jon was a public school math teacher in Gary, Indiana, where he taught math to inner city students, experiencing the highs and lows of teaching and learning with his students.

Jon’s experiences in the public school system have informed his view of the critical need for home-based education, and he speaks from the heart about the need for both students and parents to work together to thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually in a world that would call homeschooling unwise, irresponsible, or downright foolish.


Slow Down and Listen: What Did Jesus Do? (60-90 minutes)
(This session can be conducted as a breakout session or expanded to a keynote)
We live in a loud world. Everyone is clamoring for our attention. According to the EPA, the average American Household owns an average of 23 electronic devices. Whether it’s a cell phone, iPad, laptop, iPod, big screen TV, or even just the urgency in our mind, society wants our attention…and they want it now. In this session, Jon takes a look at how internal and external demands that eat away at our time can be overcome by looking to the Bible to see how Christ handled the expectations placed on him by a demanding society.

Dual Credit Courses: Graduate Your High School Student Early! (60-75 minutes) In this informative session, learn tips and techniques from a College Instructor and Academic Adviser on how to help your child earn college credit while completing high school. Public and Private Colleges across the nation are offering dual credit opportunities for high school students. Learn from a college instructor/academic adviser/homeschool father how you and your student can benefit from these opportunities without comprising the quality education that they receive at home.

Algebra Techniques for Math-Phobic Parents and Students (60-75 minutes)
As an award-winning math instructor, Jon has made his biggest mark on college students who experienced large-scale failure in high school algebra classes. This interactive session teaches basic algebraic skills rooted in practical applications. Your students won’t be asking “when will we ever use this?” when they have learned how to solve these applied problems. In fact, they might look at algebra as a useful tool, not a diabolical instrument of evil!

Lessons Learned from a Softball Dad (60-75 minutes)
(This session focuses on dads, although it would be appropriate for moms as well.)
Having homeschooled for 20 years, I have evolved from a sideline cheerleader to the head coach of my daughter’s softball team. I have grown in other ways as well. This session focuses on the evolution that we experience over the years as our older children grow up and other children come along. When the refrain, “You didn’t do it that way for Jack and Kelly!” comes out, we can look our younger children in the eye with confidence and reply, “No, and you should be glad that I didn’t!”

Living and Teaching a Life of Servant Leadership (60-75 minutes)
In Jesus Christ, we have the perfect model for Servant Leadership. But how do we teach those principles to our children? In this session, Jon will present various avenues for Servant Leadership in the home, the church, and the community, as we strive to teach our children to become more Christ-like in every area of our lives.